Summer beers

Whoo! This summer is just flying by. We are home (and unfortunately still unpacking) from an awesome 10 days down south with family and friends in Charleston and Wilmington. We literally just ate, drank and explored every single day. It was so much fun, but the kids were literally exhausted so its good to be home and back in our own beds! 

It was just so incredibly hot and humid when were down south (like, take an extra shower in the middle of the day hot in Charleston) so a good summer beer goes a long way for beating the heat. I’ve been trying to step away from just my usual favorite summer beers and try a few new ones this summer, and I’ve been really happy with some of them!

Note: While I like beer, I’m not an IPA person. I know they’re super hot right now, but it’s just not my jam. Maybe I could rope Trevor into writing this exact post and he’d have all the fancy IPA’s in the world for you. 

Another note: I know the photo above says four favorite summer beers, but I added a fifth since originally I was going to post this before we went to North Carolina. Since we went and had even more awesome beer, I added another. My blog, my rules, right? 

So here are my top 5 favorite summer beers I’m loving this year:

  1. 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer – This really surprised me how much I love this one, and its been my absolute go-to on a hot day. The watermelon isn’t crazy over-powering, but you get a nice amount of fruit with the light, wheat beer. It’s a little pricier than my other picks, but definitely worth the extra money. 
  2. Shipyard Summer Ale – We tried this on a trip to Maine one time, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. Since Shipyard is based in Portland, Maine, this is much easier to find when we’re up at camp, but always a summer favorite, and I’m a sucker for a well-designed label. 
  3. Sierra Nevada Summerfest – Summers in Saratoga require cans (not bottles) in some of our favorite places. You can’t bring glass bottles to the horse track and especially to beaches so a few great can beers are necessary. This one is a great all-around lager and perfect for summer events.
  4. Samuel Adams Summer Ale – I threw this in because its so widely-available and perfect (for me) when you’re at a grocery store with a subpar beer selection. 

Honorable mention:

Four Saints Murder on the River Brett Blonde Ale (and all of their blondes!): This would seriously be tops on my list, but its really hard for us to get. My cousin Andy is co-owner of Four Saints Brewing Company based in Asheboro, N.C. They’ve started canning and bottling some beers and distributing in parts of North Carolina, but it’s still hard for a northerner to get their hands on their beer. I’ve written about Four Saints before, but it really is a must-stop type of place if you’re traveling down south.