One of the great things about living in upstate New York is the fall weather. The leaves change into a million different colors and the air is crisp. Hadley said to me the other day that the air smelled like snow. (Is it weird that she said that or weird that I know what she meant?) The only massive downside to fall in our little corner of the world is raking leaves (total bummer when you have a huge yard!)

Once the air turns chilly, I immediately start craving comfort foods. Bring on the pumpkin-flavored everything and all the baked goods with apples I can handle!

Here are five recipes I’m cooking this fall (and you can expect to be reviewed right here on the blog!)

Lasagna Soup from Cooking Classy

Lasagna Soup from Cooking Classy

This Lasagna Soup from Cooking Classy – It looks super comforting and right up my alley. I’ve made a version similar to this, but I can’t wait to give this one a shot!

These Pumpkin Sugar Cookies from Cooking Classy (she’s on a roll for me) – I love pumpkin, and I love cookies! I don’t normally frost my sugar cookies (gasp!), but I’m all about this cream cheese frosting!

This Sparkling Pumpkin Cider Beertail – One of my students at work (who’s 21, I swear!) shared this cocktail recipe with me, and I’m definitely giving this one a try ASAP!

Chicken and Noodles from The Pioneer Woman – How annoying is it to spend hours on a dinner that your kids immediately hate? Right off the bat, I know this one will be a home run with Hadley and Bryn, and keep the dinner table fights to a minimum.

Cinnamon Swirl Bread from Baked by Rachel – I’m obsessed with baking bread. I wish I did it more in the summer (when its super easy to rise the dough), but cold weather means I’m baking bread like a mad woman. I’m a sucker for a great yeasty, breakfast bread too. I think I’m going to pair this with a vanilla butter I saw on The Pioneer Woman’s show the other day.