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Author: Christen

I Have No Idea What to Do

This has quite possibly been the weirdest few days I’ve had in a long time. After two weeks surgically attached to the girls while Trevor was in Louisiana, I spent the weekend almost completely alone.  Well, not super alone. I’ve been working, but Trevor took the girls and Beau to camp for the long weekend. I couldn’t go with them since I did have to work through Labor Day weekend (shout out to all those in higher ed working through the holiday weekend). While I totally enjoyed the peace and quiet, it was just super weird. I’m used to...

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Rosemary Cashews

These rosemary cashews have been a staple in our house for a long time. They’re spicy with a hint of sweetness from the brown sugar – making them the perfect cocktail party, serve-with-drinks kind of snack. Our garden has just an absurd amount of rosemary right now so it was great to use up a huge stalk on these cashews. We have so many herbs this time of year (especially rosemary and thyme) so I’m trying to incorporate them into as much as I can!  These nuts also are great if you’re having people over because you can easily...

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The Best (and Easiest!) Barbecue Ribs

The real key to making awesome barbecue ribs at home is the oven. It may seem like you’re just going to cook them forever on the grill, but what you really need to do to get tender, fall-off-the-bone meat is to start them in the oven to help melt down all of that fat.  These ribs are just one of the best summer dinners for us. They’re super affordable (I got this rack at Trader Joe’s for $11), and I love to serve these with some delicious barbecue sides like baked beans, potato salad and watermelon. This Grilled Vegetable...

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Photo recap: Our week in Maine

This seems a little crazy to post this because we’ve been home for almost two weeks (ah! Where did the time go?), but I wanted to share some photos from our trip to Maine. It was another fabulous week at camp with almost every day bringing amazing weather. We had some delicious dinners and a few delicious pies so I had to share some photos. For some reason, Bryn literally insisted on wearing her footie pajamas almost all day, every day, but as her mother for the last 4.5 years, I’ve learned to pick my battles. She cracks me...

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Blueberry Banana Spelt Muffins

Woohoo! TGIF! It’s been kind of a long, busy week, but we have some fun stuff planned this weekend that I’m excited about so that always gets me looking forward to the weekend.  I wanted to try these spelt muffins because spelt flour is super versatile and is pretty close to using a regular all-purpose flour (while still being a healthier option). I started with this recipe from Katie Lee for inspiration, but have adapted it. I added blueberries because we are STILL trying to get through all of those blueberries from last weekend. By the way, you should definitely...

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