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Author: Christen

Irish Brown Bread

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a big TGIF! This Irish Brown Bread recipe is perfect for any celebration you’ve got going on today. The best thing – there’s no yeast – so no guesswork on if things are going to work out. It’s a very simple bread recipe to serve alongside your favorite corned beef and cabbage recipe or a great bowl of soup to get through this never-ending winter. The girls and I are coming to the end of our girls-only two week span and we’ll definitely be celebrating Trevor’s return on Saturday. Its been a long couple...

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Apple Walnut Hand Pies

So this is just a few days late for Pi Day, but that’s what you get with a massive fever/cold illness and Stella the Blizzard. This week has literally been no joke. We topped off at just about 18 inches of snow in 24 hours, and another 8 hours spent watching movies. I could barely leave the couch so our snow day wasn’t about real meaningful parenting. The good news is that my fever broke and life is getting back to normal!  These little hand pies are super cute, but also perfect if you want a little bit of a pie...

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Weekend Recap and Update

Hey there! That weekend and this week has seriously gotten away from me! I had such great plans for posts this week, and it seems like life is seriously getting in the way! We had a super fun weekend until about 3 p.m. Saturday when I realized that I had a fever and was coming down with something. Since then, I’ve pretty much been laid up on the couch, trying to care for the girls solo while Trevor’s in Louisiana and now Stella is slamming our house with a ton of snow. I pumped them full of funfetti pancakes...

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Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Healthy eating is great and all, but sometimes I need a little sweet treat at the end of the day. I love these Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies because they definitely fill that sweet tooth, but they really aren’t going to break your whole diet. They’re gluten and dairy free while being really quite filling for a cookie. There’s no mindless snacking with these. One cookie fits the bill.  This recipe doesn’t make a lot – literally like 9 cookies – but that’s is a huge help when it comes to portion control. Like I said, I really do...

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Heathy Living Market haul

Changing our diet and way of eating has definitely changed our way of shopping. The Arbonne detox (and every healthy eating plan) requires keeping a lot of fruits and veggies on hand for meals and snacks. We’ve been going through a ton of fruit lately so I wanted to show what we buy in a week when it comes to buying produce.  Hadley and I stopped at Healthy Living Market here in Saratoga yesterday before her gymnastics class. While many people can get intimidated by the prospect of shopping at a place like Healthy Living or Whole Foods (many...

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