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Recapping the weekend

And just like that, its Monday again. We had an unintentionally super busy weekend thanks to some serious culinary adventures on Sunday.  On Saturday, we had the usual Saturday morning gymnastics class followed by a bunch of errands (trying to find Bryn new sneakers, getting both girls flip flops for summer, etc.). I think every parent gets to the point where they realize their kids shoes seriously don’t fit, and that’s Bryn right now. Saturday night was just kind of crazy and blah. The kids have been super crazy some days and Saturday was no exception.  On Sunday, we...

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Meal plan – kicking off grilling season

No matter how much I like cooking and planning our dinners, there are times where I just run out of fresh ideas. I get sick of the same old thing, but weeknights don’t leave me with a ton of time to cook either. I love to try new recipes, and this week we’ll be doing just that!  This week’s meal plan is all about quick weeknights meals while enjoying our free time on the weekend with some serious grilling. This is the first time we’ll be trying beef brisket in the smoker, and I’m definitely excited to give it...

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Exploring MASS MoCA, North Adams, Mass.

The girls and I had a surprise visitor this weekend! Trevor was able to make it home from Louisiana for a quick visit. We had rain pretty much all weekend so I had already made plans with my sister-in-law Kelly and niece Georgia to hit up MASS MoCA (the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) so we met up with them Sunday.  I’ve lived in the Capital Region since 1999 and had never made the trip to MASS MoCA before. The place is massive (seriously, you get a ton of steps in and it kind of felt like a workout by the...

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Update and keeping it positive this spring

It’s weird that I don’t really expect when I’m going to need to take a step back here from the blog. I feel like the tail end of winter really knocked us down. Hadley and I got a nasty stomach bug and we were both living on the couch for almost a week – and then not eating real food for quite some time after that.  We’re all back heathy, but we’re still plagued by one thing and that’s just the ever-present life of Trevor’s work travel. I don’t think I could ever sugarcoat how hard it can be...

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Irish Brown Bread

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a big TGIF! This Irish Brown Bread recipe is perfect for any celebration you’ve got going on today. The best thing – there’s no yeast – so no guesswork on if things are going to work out. It’s a very simple bread recipe to serve alongside your favorite corned beef and cabbage recipe or a great bowl of soup to get through this never-ending winter. The girls and I are coming to the end of our girls-only two week span and we’ll definitely be celebrating Trevor’s return on Saturday. Its been a long couple...

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