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Author: Christen

Get-You-Going Green Juice

Cold-pressed juices are hot right now. About a year ago, I splurged on a juicer, and I regularly make this green juice. It’s full of vitamins and minerals, and is a great jump-start to the morning. I use lemon and ginger in almost of my juice recipes (the lemon for acidity and the ginger for some heat). I try to keep the sweet fruits to a minimum in juices, and just use primarily vegetables and herbs, especially dark, leafy greens. A note about juicing: wash everything well and buy organic. You’ll just be pushing those pesticides right into your drink. Keep reading for the...

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Hey there! I’ve just recently started this blog to share my love for food, cooking and all things related to the kitchen. With a full-time job and two little ones at home, who’s got time to enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant? So instead of going out, I bring the good food home to our house. Follow along as I try new recipes and share some of my tried-and-true...

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