What to get your food-loving mama for Mother’s Day

So your mom loves to cook/bake/eat, but you don’t know what to get her for Mother’s Day? Here are some personal tips from me to you:

Anthropologie farmers market basket

These stoneware Anthropologie farmers market baskets are super cute. I know because I bought myself one for Christmas last year (in that reddish color). They are perfect for summer berry picking and a cute little thing to use to keep fruit on the counter.



Juicing towel

Is it somehow weird that I want this Juicing Towel from Crate and Barrel for Mother’s Day? No. I inherited a sincere love of nice kitchen towels from my own mother, and its a steal at $3.97. I’m easy to please (sometimes).






How cute is this owl canister (please don’t ever stop making me say cute). One part creepy to two parts kitschy, the A Real Hoot Canister from Anthropologie is an interesting gift, and most likely your mom doesn’t own it already (a huge plus when it comes to gift-giving).




Everyone’s got nice baking pans, right? But this is a purple Rachael Ray lasagna pan (it comes in orange too)! I absolutely need this. Specifically for reason of making sufficiently deep lasagna. A regular 9-by-13 pan is kind of shallow, so you get like 3 layers max of noodles, sauce and cheese. You can make some seriously thick lasagna (possibly a record breaking five layers). See what I did there? I just fixed a problem you didn’t even know you had.


Nespresso machine


Maybe you’ve done something wrong this year, and Mother’s Day will be like a big “I’m sorry” for you. Well, if so then I would highly recommend this Nespresso machine. It’s pricey, but complete perfection for the coffee lover in your life. I don’t own one, but the ability to make espresso in the comfort of my own home while wearing yoga pants would be a game-changer.



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