Baked French Toast

Merry Christmas Eve! The presents are wrapped and we’re all set to meet Santa. Unfortunately, we may not have any Christmas cookies left because of too much snacking out of the freezer (my bad) so Santa will be getting Oreos tonight! 

One of Trevor’s family Christmas traditions is to have homemade pizza for Christmas Eve dinner so I’ll be home making some pizza dough this afternoon. 

Tonight after dinner, I’m going to prep tomorrow morning’s breakfast. It makes for way less hassle in the morning and its super easy to just pop in the oven. I’m going to try this Baked French Toast recipe from the Pioneer Woman. I’ll serve it with a big plate of bacon (the preferred breakfast meat for my two kiddos) and a fruit salad (heavy on the berries). 

Not feeling French toast for tomorrow morning? Try one of these ideas:

Then, after making my children wait through breakfast, we’ll finally open presents. (Didn’t Christmas morning breakfast just seem like the longest when your parents made you wait to open presents?) 

Then we’ll be off to the Gowans for an afternoon of more presents and Christmas dinner. I’ll be home on break through the new year so expect more from me next week! I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and eats something delicious!