There is nothing like the euphoria of finishing a DIY project, and that’s the high that I’m on right now. This weekend, we spent some time refinishing a new (to us – and free!) wicker couch. Someone was giving it away on our Next Door app and Trevor jumped on it. We got the couch home and it sat in our garage for a while (while we were in North Carolina). 

Fast forward to last weekend and we kicked it into high gear. We borrowed a pressure washer from boss and got to work. The washer did a great job of cleaning off the couch and we sprayed the seat (which had a bit of mold on it) with bleach. So by the time we were done, it was pretty white. 

We ran to Lowe’s (like everyone does on the weekends) to pick up supplies for our next round of work. We bought spray paint and then scored three cushions that were on the clearance rack in their outdoor furniture section. I had been doing research online and quickly realized that nice cushions (like the ones you actually don’t mind sitting on) were really pricey. So this was a big score for us. 

Trevor dry brushed the wicker (which was kind of molting after all of that pressure washing) and ran the vacuum all over everything. We did a small test area for the spray paint on Saturday night, but most of Sunday was in various phases of painting. We were super concerned about it drying well (we have a living room table that still feels tacky) so on Sunday night, we moved the couch into its final location (our back sunroom) with our dehumidifier to just keep drying the heck out of it. 

Overall (and I’m going to pat ourselves on the back for this one), it turned out really well and it wasn’t hard. Sure, it takes time, but most of it was downtime waiting for the chair to dry out from the power washing or watching paint dry. We spent about $110 on the whole thing – $90 on the cushions (each section was $30) and the paint was another $20. It’s in our back sunroom and Beau already loves it. (Sorry I didn’t get a super wide picture here, but the room is kind of small and I’m standing on another chair in the process) 

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Tell me in the comments below: Do you have any DIY successes lately?