As I’ve mentioned before, Hadley and Bryn are obsessed with Nerdy Nummies, a YouTube channel dedicated to baking delicious, usually cartoon-inspired treats. Once we saw the video for this giant donut, I knew we’d have to make it. If you’re a fan of “Zootopia” then you’ll remember the scene where Judy apprehends the weasel with a giant donut. 

On Sunday, Bryn and I got to work on this recipe. The Giant Donut isn’t actually that hard, and didn’t require anything too crazy. Some of the Nerdy Nummies recipes require some crazy ingredients or obscure kitchen tool that I may not have so this was kind of a relief. Some of the recipes are for experienced cake decorators (I’m not there yet!) so this was simple in terms of frosting and decorating. 

You can find the full video and recipe here. We didn’t change anything about this (besides omitting the royal icing decoration at the end). We decided we didn’t really need it thanks to the excessive amounts of chocolate ganache we had already slathered it in. 

All in all, it’s a delicious, fun treat to make with kids. Mine didn’t end up super donut-like, more like a donut cake. Next time, I’d stick to just making smaller donuts, but the giant version is certainly impressive. Any giant donut will be the talk of your next brunch or party! 

I had to take a picture of the giant donut next to its “donut hole,” which essentially was a regular (almost larger) size donut by itself!