Okay, so this is Day 3 of doing something Halloween related. I hate to be a Grinch about this time of year, but what the heck am I going to do with all of this candy? I’ve been trolling Pinterest and I’m pretty sure I’m going to formulate a Leftover Halloween Candy Cookie and see how that goes. 

This weekend was kind of weird. It was really rainy and cold and I’m definitely starting to get that cold-weather hibernation thing going. I’m already missing the long days of summer playing in the backyard. I’m in the midst of a stint of single motherhood thanks to work schedules and its just been kind of a bummer having Trevor gone. 

It was kind of a busy weekend though with all of our random Halloween events, including a fall festival at school on Saturday. We were there for a bit, but the girls burned through their tickets pretty quickly so we headed home. After a while, we ended up wandering the Wilton Mall for a few hours (along with everyone else) since it was pouring rain and freezing so hitting up a playground was out of the question. They just seriously needed to get up and move a bit so we walked around the mall for a while and I got some ideas at Home Goods on what we’re going to need to do a little bathroom overhaul in a few weeks. Nothing crazy, but just changing out a few things.


On Sunday, I got some much-needed grown up time with friends. Kelly and Anthony had us over for their neighborhood Halloween parade. I first met Kelly years ago through another friend when Bryn was literally days old. I was absolutely exhausted and at the Children’s Museum in Saratoga trying to give Hadley something to do in those freezing winter months of maternity leave. It was so great to have friends like Kelly and Margaret who were so supportive and could relate to how hard motherhood can be sometimes. Not just like agreeing with everything you say, but truly understanding the exhaustion and sometimes frustration of having little ones at home and crazy work/life schedules. 


So the four little girls got all dolled up yesterday, braved the rain and did some trick-or-treating. Selfishly, it was just great to see friends and get out of the house. I’d like to think every weekend is easy and fun, but sometimes parenting hard in the midst of trying to get everything done and fitting it in.

But today is a new day and it’s the start of a new week that ends with a special someone’s 6th birthday and someone else flying home. Five days and counting…. 

Some food details of the weekend: