HolidayToday I’m sharing my favorite gifts for the food and cooking lovers on your Christmas list in my Holiday Gift Guide.

I tried to show a big range of price points, but also a couple different types of things. Check it out and share some gift suggestions in the comments below! I’m always on the hunt for the hard-to-shop for people on my list! 

butterholderThis one is kind of weird, but it’s this fancy butter holder from Le Creuset you keep on your counter. The butter actually lives in the lid of the crock and you put a small amount of cold water in the holder to keep the butter fresh on your counter for up to 5 days. This is really good for people who love to have butter on toast and other things, but hate wrestling with a rock hard stick of butter every morning. 

NatureBox snacks

Gift subscriptions are really hot right now, and I think there’s a service for everything now (including one for your dog!), but Naturebox has got to be my favorite. For $20 per month, they send you a box full of healthy, natural snacks that happy to be really delicious. I’m obsessed with the Big Island Pineapple and the Mini Belgian Waffles. It’s delicious and perfect for any family (who doesn’t love snacks?!?!) 


sheldon ceramics whiskey tumblers

I’ve been really into buying more interesting, heirloom-type pieces to add to our dish and kitchen collection and I really love these whiskey tumblers from Sheldon Ceramics. They have an awesome collection of rustic, farmhouse-style tabletop items, and I know Trevor would love these tumblers (as would I!). Also, check out their Instagram because they have just some really pretty photos. 


This sign just cracks me up. Enough said. I could spend hours looking at Etsy and this is just one of a million awesome finds on there. 


I never thought I’d want to drop such serious coin on something as random as a blender, but I really do. The Vitamix is just amazing and a way better blender than anything else I’ve ever seen. It can take a whole vegetable and get it down to a smooth juice form. 

So what’s on your Christmas list? Share in the comments below!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I haven’t been paid to write about any of these things. I just love them that much! 

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