And just like that, its Monday again. We had an unintentionally super busy weekend thanks to some serious culinary adventures on Sunday. 

On Saturday, we had the usual Saturday morning gymnastics class followed by a bunch of errands (trying to find Bryn new sneakers, getting both girls flip flops for summer, etc.). I think every parent gets to the point where they realize their kids shoes seriously don’t fit, and that’s Bryn right now. Saturday night was just kind of crazy and blah. The kids have been super crazy some days and Saturday was no exception. 

On Sunday, we were out of the house early to meet Bri (the girls’ former nanny) for breakfast at the Vischer Ferry General Store. Its a beautiful country store and I’m definitely going back to do some Christmas shopping. They have a small breakfast menu and a bunch of coffee options. I had French toast with a nonfat latte, which was delicious. I really want to get a Nespresso machine or something like that to make lattes at home! 

We caught up with Bri and Hadley made her the cutest birthday card. Hadley loves to make cards and she’s getting really good at it these days! Her new things is to draw little heart-faced emojis and its seriously so stinking cute. Being six seems like so much fun sometimes 🙂 


After breakfast, Hadley spent much of the rest of the day at a friend’s house and Bryn and I made a seriously ridiculous creation in the kitchen (more on that tomorrow). Trevor literally spent all day smoking a big brisket. I apparently overbought on the weight and it literally took forever to cook. We intended to eat it for dinner, but it didn’t come off the smoker until 10 p.m. last night! Oy. Next time I’ll buy a smaller piece! The kids were fine with a quick dinner and I was happy with that too because we had so much to get done in the evening. So its brisket and broccoli salad for dinner tonight! 

I’ve birthed babies in a shorter time than it did for that six pound brisket to cook. Live and learn.