We are about to go into the holidays so I’m definitely being mindful of overdoing it. It’s easy to get trapped in by snacks, desserts and delicious holiday cocktails, but everything in moderation, people! 

I’m so glad that I have my Fitbit to keep me in check. Working a desk job is never easy when it comes to staying active throughout the day, but its a great reminder to get up and take some more steps. With the added bonus of the heart rate monitor, you can really see how many active minutes a day you actually have. Also, I’m lucky to work on a college campus where I can actually get out and take a walk in the afternoons or have a meeting across campus that requires a 15 minute walk (a total bummer in the super cold months though!). 


I got the Fitbit last January and have been pretty much wearing it nonstop ever since. Here are my thoughts:


  • It’s super durable and can really take a beating whatever you’re doing (there is dust stuck in it from a summer of sanding our house)
  • It gives a pretty accurate depiction of your day. I think its a good ballpark of how many steps you actually have.
  • It syncs easily with the iPhone and the information in the app is awesome. I love seeing how my resting heart rate changes throughout the week and is impacted by different things. 


  • The charging cord can only be purchased through their site so if your puppy eats the cord (ahem, Beau, I’m looking at you) then you have to eat the shipping and buy it online. I would’ve much rather picked it up at Target instead. 
  • Wearing a pedometer on your wrist is good, but can still be impacted by other things – like folding the laundry. 
  • It doesn’t hold a super long charge, especially if you like to sync it regularly so just plan to charge every few days or so. 

So this version of the Fitbit is a great all-around activity tracker and perfect if you’re looking for a way to balance all the sweets in your life

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post. I just wanted to share my love for the Fitbit!