Hey everyone! I know its been awhile, but I had an exciting weekend that I wanted to share with everyone.

Saratoga Food Festival The Saratoga Wine and Food Festival ran all weekend here at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. It was an event that highlighted a lot of the great local restaurants we have here in upstate New York, but also sampled some great wine, cheese, olive oil and anything else food related. My friend Leigh and I hit up the grand tasting on Saturday and had a great time.

I’d never been to a tasting like this before, and I didn’t realize how much of a three hour binge it really was. You just eat and drink, then eat and drink some more. The great part about the event was that it was really busy, but didn’t feel super packed. There were so many vendors and so many things to try that you never really waited long (if at all) at any of the tables. There were also three massive tents (plus a VIP tent) to wander around in.

I was also amazed as some of the portion sizes of things. They were huge! Some places were handing out full bowls of soup or ice cream. For most things, I tried a couple bites and didn’t finish (so wasteful, I know), but other things I had to finish! (a great slider from Druthers! Roasted Beet Tartare from Capital City Gastropub!)

Read on for some of the other highlights:

  • Beef short rib empanada from Prime at Saratoga National – so delicious and I ate the whole thing (which really was huge for just tasting)
  • A cosmopolitan made from Solerno blood orange liqueur – very light and refreshing, but still pretty boozy (how I like my cosmo’s)
  • Giant wheels of Italian cheeses
  • Brie with a strawberry peppercorn sauce on a homemade biscuit from the Henry Street Taproom

    Giant wheels of Grana Padano....mmmm...

    Giant wheels of Grana Padano….mmmm…

The Henry Street Taprooms brie and strawberry biscuit

The Henry Street Taprooms brie and strawberry biscuit

Note: A special thanks to Healthy Living Market for giving me tickets to the event (via an Instagram giveaway!) It’s cool that they gave away so many tickets to their customers to check out such a fun event!