Hey there! Sorry I went MIA there for a while. Life got in the way. First, Bryn got sick, then Hadley, and then I finally got the fever (literally) mid-week last week. It took forever (not even exaggerating here, guys) to feel better. We went away Saturday for a fun family day on Raquette Lake, which is where this catamaran picture was taken (three cheers for spelling catamaran right on the first shot!). Yesterday was my first real fever-free, back-to-feeling-myself day. So I’ll be back soon. With recipes and meal plans and fun for the whole family! 

I’m hoping to get a post up Friday. Maybe a quick Labor Day weekend meal plan. High fives for those of you who have a three-day weekend. I’m not one of them, and I actually have to work on Sunday (I’m not whining, I swear). I feel even more for those parents dropping their kids off at college for the first time (which is where I’ll be Sunday). Kindergarten seems like a huge deal to me. I can’t imagine when they’re not sleeping under my roof anymore.

Baby steps, Christen.

Anyways, I’ll be back. Hopefully with something tasty.