Spotlight: Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

Chameleon Cold Brew First, let me say, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just love Chameleon Cold Brew this much and I had to share it. 

We were on vacation in North Carolina earlier this month, and my friend Claire had Chameleon Cold Brew at her house. Its a perfect base for iced coffees and super smooth. It doesn’t have the bitter after taste that coffee can have and there are zero calories. Many ice coffee/cold brew products are pre-sweetened, meaning they are already loaded with sugar. This is just coffee and it is oh-so-smooth. 

It’s a perfect summer drink. I fill my travel mug about 3/4 full of ice, pour in about 6 ounces of Chameleon Cold Brew and then add a splash of water then a splash of milk (or half-and-half, whatever I have). I really like the original flavor, but my absolute favorite is the mocha. The chocolate flavor gives it just a hint of sweetness.

Chameleon Cold Brew

Note: Chameleon Cold Brew also has a ready-to-drink version, but only the concentrate (in the large container) are zero calories and unsweetened. 

You can also see my recipe for cold brew here, but I’ve stopped making it – opting for Chameleon instead! 

I buy my Chameleon Cold Brew at Healthy Living Market, Whole Foods and Target, but you can find where to buy it in your area by clicking here

Healthy Living Market Chemex and Vermont Coffee Giveaway

Giveaway | December 7, 2015 | By

Chemex Coffeemaker and CoffeeGood morning! I’m so excited to have an awesome giveaway for you today. As I recently shared, we ditched the K-Cups and we are a Chemex family now. I’ve really loved trying this new way to make coffee, and also branching out into some of the amazing coffee that’s roasted locally around Saratoga. 

We’ve tried some amazing local kinds, and you all know my friends at Healthy Living Market in Saratoga are all about supporting local businesses. They have generously sponsored today’s giveaway and provided the awesome prizes! 

Today, since its the holidays and we all love a nice, morning beverage, I’m giving away a 6-cup Chemex coffeemaker, a box of filters and 2 pounds of organic Signature Blend from the Vermont Coffee Company. This is everything you need to make just the perfect cup of coffee on Christmas morning. 

There are a bunch of ways to enter – follow me and Healthy Living on Facebook and Twitter, leave a comment below or tweet about this giveaway (hint – tweeting about the giveaway gives you the most entries!). Or, you can do all of those things for a bunch of chances to win! 

The contest runs until midnight Friday and I’ll announce the winner here on Saturday! Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck! 

Please note: This is only open to U.S. residents! 

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Why I Ditched the K-Cups

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IMG_7714Recently, we sold our Keurig machine. It was great for a while – coffee on demand and whatever kind we like. Then, I just got less and less excited about the convenience. I was drinking way too much coffee and the cups were just so pricey. At like $11 a box, that is a steep addition to our weekly grocery bill. 

Plus, after reading the decluttering book, I started to research more streamlined options to make coffee and came across the Chemex. It’s a really affordable, easy way to make coffee. We used to use a single, pour-over option, but this makes a whole pot with the same method. Chemex is also actually made nearby us in western Massachusetts. 

There’s definitely a learning curve switching from k-cups to the Chemex. I think I’ve finally figured out how to make enough for Trevor’s travel mug with some leftover for a half cup of coffee before I leave for work in the mornings. Overall though, I like the coffee a lot more (especially if you let the grounds “bloom” like they suggest you do), and it’s just a much more affordable cup of coffee.

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post. I just wanted to share! 

Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

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CoffeeGraphicNote: This recipe was originally featured on My Daily Bubble. You can see the rest of the posts I’ve written for them here

I love a great iced coffee, and have seen many cold brew recipes floating around on Pinterest. I love the convenience of having this right in my fridge and pouring myself a glass in that afternoon lull after the girls are up from their rest time and I need to power through the rest of our day. 

IMG_6713Notes on this recipe: It keeps for at least a month in your fridge so make a big batch. It’ll go fast anyways if you like iced coffee like me. Also, make sure you mix in at least a little bit of milk with this. It’s stronger than a strong cup of coffee that comes out of your coffeemaker. This boost in strength accommodates for adding ice which will dilute it a bit. On this day at my parent’s house, I added some almond milk (I don’t do sweeteners in my coffee). But add whatever you like! On this day, I used Trader Joe’s French Roast, but use whatever bold, strong coffee you have. This really isn’t the time to use a super fancy, expensive kind. Use up that older stuff you’ve got lying around because you’re going to add milk, ice and possibly a sweetener. 

Read on for the recipe.


Guinness Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Guiness Chocolate Cake

Trevor is a real guy’s guy (despite the fact he’s surrounded by women).

He likes to roam around in the woods, hunt, fish, grow excessive amounts of facial hair and, of course, drink beer. So what do you make for a manly man on Father’s Day? Chocolate cake, of course.

This isn’t just a typical chocolate cake though. Instead of the usual sour cream or vegetable oil to moisten the cake, this kind (originally found in Bon Appetit magazine) uses beer and coffee. The different ingredients give the chocolate a deeper flavor while keeping the cake nice and moist. For an even deeper chocolate flavor, you can use a chocolate or coffee stout, but I stuck with our traditional Guinness.

I’m really late to the stout-drinking party. In the last year or so I’ve become a huge fan of darker beers. I love the fact that I have a beer, and its heartiness fills me up (unlike those really light brews).

Note: This recipe makes a crazy amount of frosting. I really piled it on there and was still left with quite a bit leftover. Keep it in the freezer for an in-case-of-emergency chocolate frosting stash. I didn’t change anything about the recipe except to let Hadley add sprinkles at the end. That’s how every recipe would end if I let her.

Read on for the recipe.