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Turkey Spinach Quinoa Meatballs

I mentioned previously that I was doing some make-ahead meal prep for when Trevor was out-of-town, and this was one of the things that I wanted to try. There’s so many quick dinner options, but not many are healthy and things that my kids will actually eat. Parents out there, you understand.

So these turkey meatballs were perfect. I actually made a quadruple batch of them almost two weeks ago, and froze them into dinner sized portions. We pretty much ended up with four freezer bags full of these balls and plenty of easy, go-to things to eat. The best thing is that my kids actually eat them (and they have quinoa and spinach and don’t freak out about that!).

Meatballs on a cookie sheet Ugh, feeding kids sometimes can be a battle of wills, but with meals like this (that sneak the healthiness into dinner), it’s not too hard. Yes, I did serve these with a side of French fries, but who can blame me? I have another week of single motherhood to go so I’ll cut corners where I can.

This recipe originally came from The Lo Down, but I did make some changes. First, I swapped out the kale, which the recipe originally called for, with baby spinach. Nothing monumental here, but I just wanted to use up what I had in the fridge rather than buying more of something else. Also, I left out the cheese and didn’t fry them (to lighten up the recipe a little bit more). The meatballs didn’t really need the cheese (full disclosure: I completely put it in until I was going to put them in the oven); Plus it was easier to just roll the balls out and put them on a big cookie sheet in the oven rather than cooking them on the stove.

This is a perfect make-ahead meal and definitely something we’ll be eating again!

Read on for the recipe.

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4 Freezer Meals to Make Weeknight Cooking Easier

Hey everyone! It’s been a really busy summer and things are about to get even crazier! Trevor works full-time as a geologist, which is really not a local business. While we’ve had him home for most of the summer, he has to travel quite a bit for his job. We’re gearing up for a two-week trip soon so I’ll be stocking our freezer with some delicious meals that I’ve made ahead of time so cooking dinner at night is a cinch.

I don’t know about you, but my kids are super crabby around dinner time; cooking dinner can kind of be a dramatic scene. A Food Saver (or any other kind of vacuum-seal machine) is kind of key for really mass-producing freezer meals. I use mine pretty regularly when we buy meat in bulk or cook up some of these freezer meals, and its worth the investment.

Turkey Meatballs simmering in a panSo here’s what I’ll be cooking to keep the tears (theirs and mine) to a minimum: 

  • These Turkey, Kale and Quinoa Meatballs look great (and are super healthy!). I’m going to cook them ahead of time (by baking a large batch in the oven) and freeze them into a couple dinner-sized portions. (photo and recipe is from The Lo Down
  • A lot of great meal ideas are on Pinterest, and these Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Breasts look amazing. Enough said. (I’ll prep the whole thing then freeze uncooked)
  • Broccoli, Cheddar and Egg Hash Browns (Serve with a side of bacon)
  • Chicken Pot Pie from Ina Garten – this one is a staple freezer meal for us. I make the chicken filling and freeze in the Food Saver bags. When its time for dinner, I made a quick biscuit and pour the hot filling over the top. (so not a full pot pie, but still the flavors)

Also, follow me on Pinterest to see what recipes I’m scoping out and what’s coming up on the blog! 


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