It’s weird that I don’t really expect when I’m going to need to take a step back here from the blog. I feel like the tail end of winter really knocked us down. Hadley and I got a nasty stomach bug and we were both living on the couch for almost a week – and then not eating real food for quite some time after that. 

We’re all back heathy, but we’re still plagued by one thing and that’s just the ever-present life of Trevor’s work travel. I don’t think I could ever sugarcoat how hard it can be to be separated for longer periods of time than the usual few nights away. I have an immense amount of respect for military families who do much longer stints than us and we do have the luxury of Facetiming every night. It’s still hard though. We’re getting through it and I do my best to keep the kids busy. I’ve figured out the key to parenting: when you keep them busy, they fight less. And when they fight less, I’m less irritated. So that’s my key to personal happiness. 

Despite the work travel though, its hard to not feel optimistic in the season of spring. It really does feel like this time of renewal for us. Our gardens are coming back and we’re going back to spending large chunks of time outdoors. I like just sitting in the backyard while the kids play and Beau barks senselessly at neighbors walking past (that part not so much). I added a few new blueberry bushes into the mix at our house so I’m hoping to get more berries this year. I’m slowly converting a lot of flower beds to actually serve a purpose for this cook – lots of fresh berries and the girl’s old garden is now my new herb garden. We also now have five new pots of strawberries which we can keep closer to the house away from our woodchuck and deer friends. 

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen, cooking up some tried-and-true recipes while experimenting with others. I really hoped to have a new recipe this week, but a few of them fell through. I made some Birthday Cake Macarons last weekend and learned two things – they’re way too fussy for me and I don’t think I love macarons that much. I’m hoping to share more recipes soon, especially a new super-healthy, make-ahead breakfast that I’ve been loving. Seriously, I make it the night before in a Mason jar and just pack it for work the next morning. 

I’ll have some fun stuff coming soon, like recipes and some travel posts. We’re taking our first-ever trip to Charleston (kid free!) in early July so I’m super excited to explore such an interesting city. In the meantime, just hang with me. I know we’re all dealing with our own struggles (and mine certainly pale in comparison to others), but we’re all in this together. Hang tight and let’s have a laugh. At the very least, it makes me laugh at the many faces of Bryn in photos. Seriously, that kid marches to the beat of her own drum!

Be back soon!