After traveling for the last few weekends, it felt so good to be home and enjoying summer to its fullest. I really wanted to get to the Saratoga Farmers Market on Saturday because we hadn’t been at all this summer. Its one of the best things about living in such a nice city like Saratoga Springs because there are so many great farms close by and the market really is hopping on a Saturday morning (its open 9-1 on Saturdays and 3-6 on Sundays in High Rock Park). 

We bought some early heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and, of course, a few treats from Mrs. London’s (a chocolate croissant and chocolate vanilla brioche) for a little morning snack. There are so many more ready-to-eat food options than ever before, but the market still has all the great offerings that we’re used to (dairy, cheese, produce, herbs and flowers). Trevor and I were admiring these chili pepper trees they had there, but I wasn’t sure where we would put it or if we could even survive eating one of the hot peppers, but they were really neat looking! 

After the market, we drove out to Galway to do some blueberry picking. Our favorite place to pick is Eagle’s View Farm, which is right on Route 29 (for those that know the area). The thing about this place is that they’re only open until 11 so you have to get there pretty early to get a decent amount of berries. We were able to pick a flat’s worth, which is more than plenty. I’ll be stocking our freezer a little bit, but we’ve also been eating quite a few. 

It really was a fun Saturday, and I really was hoping some of this activity would tire the girls out somewhat (ha!). That wasn’t quite the case (they were still wound up as ever most of the weekend), but it was fun to get out and enjoy the outdoors for a few hours. 

The rest of the weekend was spent close to home, getting a ton of yard work and cleaning done and even a super fun DIY project which I can’t wait to show you (coming on Wednesday!). We have lived in our house for 10 years this summer, but I still feel like we’re moving things around and setting things up how we really want it. 

We also had a few big food highlights this week so there will be two recipes this week – one Tuesday and one Thursday so stay tuned for those!