BeauI just wanted to drop you guys a quick note and let you know that I’m taking the week off from blogging for some unexpected family time. We ended up getting a puppy on Sunday in a roundabout way, but we couldn’t be more excited. We had wanted to get a dog in the spring, but when the opportunity arose for us to get him, we couldn’t pass it up. He was with another family near us and needed to be rehomed quickly.

He’s a sweet boy, but definitely needs a lot of attention to start with. I’m going to be focusing my energy this week on sorting out some of his (minor) health issues and getting the girls acquainted with his puppy antics (and, oh yeah, working full time – some from home). We are excited for our future with Beau and I appreciate any understanding about this little unexpected news.

I’ll be back next Monday with new recipes! Thanks everyone and I hope you’re having a wonderful week!