I wanted to share kind of a random round-up of things I’ve been loving lately. Just a note on all of these, this post isn’t sponsored. I’m just sharing these because I actually love it myself and want to tell you guys about it. So let’s get started!


With my recently health transition, I’ve even started thinking about products we’re using in our house and if they’re safe. My friend Meghan sells Beautycounter and recently lent me a ton of their products. I got to try their skin care routine, the kid’s products for the girls and a bunch of others and was completely blown away. First, I loved the fragrance on pretty much everything and I love that its a much safer product for me and my family. I was shocked to hear that there really hasn’t been any regulation for personal care products (so hair care, body care, make-up, etc.) since 1938. In Europe, their product standards are much higher than the U.S. and everyday products that we use here aren’t allowed to be sold in stores there. Once I started reading, it kind of blew my mind and how much we trust retailers and the products that they’re making. I’m definitely going to be expanding our use of Beautycounter in the future and ordering from them. The cleansing balm was my absolute favorite product, and it was really great at removing makeup, but keeping my skin hydrated. 

Since I’m still quite budget conscious (ahem, cheap), I’m not going to throw away everything we own all at once, but definitely phasing in things as we use up old things. If you’re interested in learning more about their products or purchase something, get in touch with Meghan. She’s an amazing resource and also happens to own Reform Pilates, the BEST pilates studio in the area! 

Blue Bottle Coffee

One thing that blew me away about the West Coast was their serious dedication to coffee. They don’t just leave it to the big retailers, but have some serious boutique coffee roasters. Blue Bottle has long been coveted as having some of the best coffee in the country, and my trip to their downtown Palo Alto location was great. The latte was really smooth, making it really drinkable. I picked up a bag of coffee beans to bring home to Trevor so we can have a taste of some great West Coast coffee right here in Saratoga. 

Instagram Stories

I think I’ve fully jumped ship away from Snapchat and I’m totally on board with Instagram stories. I really love Snapchat (especially for its geofilters), but, for me, there are so many people on Instagram (is that me showing my age?!?!) My trip to San Francisco totally got me all over Instagram stories. Our videographer for the trip is killing it on there (he did a story starring our hotel robot) so he got me inspired to get on board. Go follow Tyler and check out his Instagram stories. I love that my stories can be seen by more people other than my like 8 friends on Snapchat. Click on over to Buffer if you need a little bootcamp lesson on how to get yourself going on the Insta stories. 

“When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi 

And to move onto something completely different, I never thought I’d love a book this sad. I usually read things that are a little more uplifting, but after a coworker recommended it (her son is in medical school) and she promised it would be amazing, I knew I wanted to read it. Literally, the book has been reviewed 6,000 times on Amazon and has almost a full 5-star review. The memoir shares Paul’s battle with lung cancer. While it seems like, “Oh, that’s too sad to read,” in a way, there is a really deep beauty to the book.

He talks about grappling with humanity his entire medical career, but how his perspective changed when he went from doctor to patient. An incredibly scholarly person, he talks about this duality between wanting to be a surgeon, but also his love for literature and philosophy. It’s that intersection – medicine and philosophy – that makes this book so elegant. You truly want to root for Paul in his struggle, but you know the ending is inevitable because of the type of cancer he’s diagnosed with (something that is very rare for someone so young). I would definitely put this in the top 5 books I’ve ever read. 

Nerdy Nummies

The girls and I are both completely obsessed with this cute web series that’s all about baking recipes inspired from the nerdier side of life. It’s so hard to find things online that our girls can safely watch, but they live for new episodes of Nerdy Nummies. We’ve made a few of Ro’s recipes – like Chocolate Mug Cakes – and I made a surprise cake for Hadley’s birthday party that was inspired by this “Inside Out” themed one. I even got the girls the Nerdy Nummies cookbook for Christmas. Yes, they’re only 4 and 6, but you’ve got to start them young. ūüôā 

Any new obsessions you want to share? Leave it in the comments below! I always love to check out new things to try/eat/read, etc!