A couple exciting announcements!

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Hadley flying her princess kite

Hey everyone! It’s been a fun week at the beach so far. I’ve had a great time just hanging with my family and enjoying the amazing North Carolina sunshine. DSCN0065

TrevorandBrynWe’ve had great weather and have just been sitting on the beach, building sand castles, flying kites and eating (of course).

Last week, I teased that I had several fun and exciting announcements so here they are.

First, I’m the newest blogger on the ShopRite’s Potluck blog! I’ll be writing for them once a month and showing off some of the great things in their store. I’m super excited to get started writing for them and and I’ll be sharing these posts here as well.

Also, with my new ShopRite blogger position, Trevor and I are headed to the New York City Wine and Food Festival in a couple of weeks! ShopRite is sponsoring the event’s Grand Tasting and you can meet me there on Saturday. I’ll be there in the afternoon at the ShopRite booth. I’m so excited to try everything at the Grand Tasting and I’ll give you a recap here of everything.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week and I’ve got some fabulous recipes on deck!


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