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Author: Christen

Pumpkin Bread

This is my last pumpkin recipe of the fall season, I swear! This Pumpkin Bread is easily the best kind I’ve ever made. Sometimes it can end up super dry, but this bread from Smitten Kitchen is very moist and with a hint of sweetness from the topping.  This recipe makes a lot of batter so I ended up with a loaf of pumpkin bread and one jumbo muffin. If you have a smaller loaf pan, prepare to have extras for a few muffins.  Click here to get the recipe!  A note moving forward: In the past, I’ve never...

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Pumpkin Spice Truffles

Who’s had their fill of pumpkin spice everything yet? Can we do just one more thing? These Pumpkin Spice Truffles are awesome and super easy to make. I always just assumed that truffles were really annoying to make, but they really aren’t. What I love about these Pumpkin Spice Truffles was that they have that traditional chocolate flavoring, but a great hint of cinnamon spiciness as well. Bryn took a bite and said, “Oooh spicy!” Exactly what I was going for.  These are really easy to make and pop in the freezer for another time (and also easy to...

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Exploring Shelburne Farms

One of my biggest goals is always to take advantage of where we live. There are a some great destinations just a few hours from Saratoga Springs and Shelburne Farms is one of them.  Trevor has been out of town for work for a while now so it was great to hit the road for a change of scenery. When you spend each day kind of doing the same things (getting ready for work, dropping kids off places, working a full day then the full night routine), it’s great to just see something new. We packed up Sunday morning...

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Spotlight: Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

First, let me say, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just love Chameleon Cold Brew this much and I had to share it.  We were on vacation in North Carolina earlier this month, and my friend Claire had Chameleon Cold Brew at her house. Its a perfect base for iced coffees and super smooth. It doesn’t have the bitter after taste that coffee can have and there are zero calories. Many ice coffee/cold brew products are pre-sweetened, meaning they are already loaded with sugar. This is just coffee and it is oh-so-smooth.  It’s a perfect summer drink. I fill my...

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Blueberry Lemonade Bars

It’s a crazy summer for us in the Gowan household, but I’m still holding onto my baking time. It sounds crazy, but its kind of like therapy for me. Last weekend, the kids were having a rest time and I was excited to get into the kitchen and try these Blueberry Lemonade Bars. First let me say, I LOVE lemon bars. Heck, I love anything lemon flavored. Citrus just equals summer for me. These Blueberry Lemonade Bars are the perfect little treat in the summer time, and just the best thing to pack for a summer picnic or potluck...

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