Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

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IMG_7905Does anyone else get excited to have brown bananas in their kitchen? I love when they start to go bad because that means we’re getting banana bread. 

About five years ago, I had an awesome editor Lisa at my last job as a daily news reporter. She always brought delicious goodies to work, but this bread was always gone in the newsroom in a matter of minutes (there’s definitely something to be said about journalists and food). Well, one day she gave me the recipe, and I’d had some luck with it. But I could never get the loaves as evenly browned as hers. Mine would typically be really dark on the outside while underdone in the middle. I’d tested different temperatures, baking times and pans and finally settled on muffins. Same great taste, and done in a little less time! So a big shoutout to Lisa and her Banana Chocolate Chip bread. It’s created a lifetime banana and chocolate addiction! 

IMG_7883 IMG_7979

These mini muffins are perfect for little ones and a great little after-school snack. I know they’re quite popular with Bryn and Hadley! 

Note: If you’re not a big banana and chocolate person, you can make this a more traditional banana bread recipe and use walnuts instead of chocolate chips. For my family, we’ll stick with the chocolate.

Read on for the recipe.


Peasant Bread

IMG_6019I’m always on the hunt for a great loaf of bread. There’s something so great about a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven. 

I had tea on Sunday with Laura, a friend I met through Spinning (she’s actually an instructor) and she was telling me about this recipe, especially how easy and delicious it was. I was sold. I literally went home from Starbucks and immediately made it. We were having chicken soup last night (a great recipe coming on that soon!) and I really wanted homemade bread. She was totally right. The bread is super easy, but even better, it has really awesome flavor. It has a little bit of sweetness from the sugar, but isn’t too rich and heavy. 

Some notes on this recipe: It’s a no-knead bread which is really sticky. I was really doubting whether I had added enough flour, but it really comes together in the end. Don’t stress that its super sticky and don’t add more flour! It’ll just weigh down your dough and make it really heavy. Also, the original recipe has a whole long explanation about using Pyrex dishes, and instead I just made one loaf in a loaf pan. I didn’t have those dishes, nor was I going to buy them, so just make due with what you have!

Read on for the recipe.