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Hey guys! Yet again, I didn’t mean to take a one-week break, but life is busy! I always think of summer as our busy time because that’s when we take most of our trips, but this month has been just as hectic. The nice thing is that its almost all fun stuff so plenty to be excited for! 

Trevor has been working out of town on weekdays for the last couple of weeks, but is finally home today for the night! (Is it sad that I get excited for a full 12 hours together??!) But he’s headed on a fun trip this weekend for some winter fun with friends at the Adirondack Ice Bowl. I have fun plans with friends on Saturday (that I’ll probably actually cover early next week because its food related) and then family fun on Sunday. I’m also recipe testing some things on Sunday so I’m finally getting my shiz together. Good times.

So I thought I’d share some random things I’ve been loving lately, and let me know in the comments what you’ve been obsessed with. Always good to know.

What am I loving right now?

Joe Fresh Vizsla Sweater

This sweater (from Joe Fresh). (I’m pretty sure this takes the vizsla obsession to a whole new level) I found it at JCPenney (thanks to a tip off from an Instagram follower that it existed!) and have been wearing it on heavy rotation. Yes, I’m a crazy dog woman. 

Name Bubbles square labels

These adorable square write-on labels from Name Bubbles! I’m going to get a bunch to label leftovers in the freezer better and I love that you can erase and rewrite things on them! (Also, everything on their site is 20 percent off right now for their 7th birthday sale so snatch these up!) 

Chelsea Handler The new Chelsea Handler documentary series on Netflix. I used to occasionally watch her show Chelsea Lately, but I think this is even better. It’s part documentary/part reality TV, but definitely interesting. I especially liked the episode on technology and how its killed our attention spans (yes, yes it has) 

World Chef photo  

Whatever you do, don’t download the app World Chef. You can just kiss like 10 hours of your life away. It’s super addicting and reminds me of Pizza Tycoon, an old-school computer game my sisters and I used to play (kind of like Sim City for the pizza business). I honestly don’t play a lot of games on my iPad, but this one has sucked me in. 

This video of Bryn. That kid cracks me up. She just lives life to the fullest. 


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