The 10 Best Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors

As someone who loves trying new coffee and energy drink options, I was excited to discover Dutch Bros and their unique Blue Rebel line. With so many tantalizing Rebel flavors to choose from, I decided to try them all and rank my favorites.

About Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros Coffee was founded in 1992 by Dane Boersma and Travis Boersma in Grants Pass, Oregon. Now headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Dutch Bros has expanded across the western United States with over 580 locations in 14 states.

Known for their friendly and energetic service, Dutch Bros offers a wide array of hot, iced, and blended specialty coffee drinks, teas, smoothies, and of course, their signature energy drink line called Blue Rebel.

What Is Dutch Bros Blue Rebel Energy Drink?

Blue Rebel is Dutch Bros’ exclusive line of sugary, high-caffeine energy drinks. Marketed as a competitor to Red Bull, Rebel comes in 16 oz serving sizes with around 180 calories per can.

The key difference is that Rebel provides a vast array of tempting flavors to choose from, while Red Bull only offers the classic energy drink taste.

Flavors in the Rebel line include:

  • Aftershock
  • Astronaut
  • Double Rainbro
  • Electric Berry
  • Hawaiian
  • Laser Cat
  • OG Gummy Bear
  • Palm Beach
  • Peach
  • Ray of Sunshine
  • Shark Attack
  • Stop Light
  • Sweet Sunrise
  • And more!

Now let’s get to ranking the best tasting Dutch Bros Rebel flavors from my personal experience:

1. Aftershock

Aftershock gets my vote for the number one Rebel flavor. This berry blend of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and lime provides the perfect balance of sweet and tart. It’s a stellar mixture that really stands out from the typical energy drink.

Of all the Rebels I tried, Aftershock delivered the most satisfying and unique flavor experience. If you only try one Rebel, make it this one!

2. Astronaut

Coming in at number two is Astronaut. This delightful medley of blackberry, raspberry, and almond tastes simply out of this world! The mix of berries gives Astronaut an energizing fruity flavor, while the almond provides a mellowing effect.

Overall, Astronaut is another exceptional Rebel that I would readily drink again and again. It offers bold taste along with caffeinated bliss.

3. Double Rainbro

If you have a sweet tooth like me, then you’ll adore Double Rainbro. This sunshine-filled blend of peach, coconut, and strawberry is pure fruity goodness. It tastes just like a tropical smoothie!

While some of the flavors in the Rebel line can be overly tart or floral, Double Rainbro delivers the sweet flavor advertised. It’s a super tasty choice when you want something deliciously sweet and colorful.

4. Hawaiian

For a refreshing fruit flavor, try Hawaiian Rebel. This island breeze of a drink combines banana, strawberry, orange, and peach for a perfectly balanced tropical taste.

Compared to other Rebels, the Hawaiian blend has more natural fruit sweetness along with that hint of banana. It’s a unique Rebel flavor that evokes carefree vacation vibes.

5. Laser Cat

Laser Cat is one of the newer additions to the Rebel armada. It masterfully combines raspberry and coconut flavors for an out-of-this world experience.

As one of the tamer Rebel offerings, Laser Cat makes a great introductory choice for first-timers. It has just enough sweetness without going overboard. The raspberry and coconut play nicely off each other in this stellar space-age Rebel.

6. OG Gummy Bear

For Rebels with a good amount of tartness, you can’t go wrong with OG Gummy Bear. This neon green original blends watermelon, pomegranate, grapefruit, and passion fruit for a flavor explosion reminiscent of childhood candy.

While sweet at first sip, the grapefruit and passion fruit provide a pleasant puckering effect. OG Gummy Bear is a nostalgic flavor blast that will bring you back to your favorite gummy candies.

7. Unicorns’ Blood

If you’re seeking something sweet and simple, try the cotton candy-inspired Unicorns’ Blood Rebel. It’s a rosy mix of strawberries and coconut that tastes just as magical as you’d imagine.

Unicorns’ Blood is one of the sweeter, fruit-forward Rebels that makes for an ideal introductory flavor. Its strawberry and coconutnotes pair perfectly for a charmingly innocent taste.

8. Ray of Sunshine

For a Rebel with a bit more complexity, go for Ray of Sunshine. This vibrant blend of peach, blackberry, and grapefruit adds a touch of tartness into the mix.

Compared to the sweet profiles of other Rebels, Ray of Sunshine has a more layered flavor with the peach and blackberry upfront, and grapefruit on the finish. It’s a bright Rebel for those seeking something less sugary.

9. Stop Light

If you like tart, Stop Light is a stellar choice. Mixing kiwi, passion fruit, and pomegranate, this Rebel provides a unique flavor experience.

Stop Light starts out sweet with tropical kiwi notes before the passion fruit and pomegranate kick in. It’s a great option for Rebels that want more sour than sugary flavors. The combination is refreshing and irresistible.

10. Astronaut Blood

Rounding out my top ten is Astronaut Blood. This cosmic Rebel combines acai, blackberry, and pomegranate for an out-of-this-world flavor profile.

Astronaut Blood is on the tart side but not overwhelmingly so. The acai gives it an earthy berry taste that’s complemented by the fruit flavors. While not the sweetest Rebel out there, Astronaut Blood is still a tasty choice.

The Bottom Line

Trying all the tempting Dutch Bros Rebel flavors was an absolute treat. With their unique flavor combinations, Rebels offer a much more exciting energy drink experience compared to one-note options like Red Bull.

My top picks are Aftershock, Astronaut, and Double Rainbro for their distinctive and satisfying blends. But truly, you can’t go wrong with any of Dutch Bros’ creatively crafted Rebels.

I’d recommend newbies start with sweeter options like Unicorns’ Blood or Laser Cat before venturing into more sour selections. No matter what your taste preference, you’re sure to find a stellar Rebel flavor to power your day.

So next time you need an energy boost, skip the generic energy drinks and go for one of Dutch Bros’ stellar Blue Rebel flavors. Your tastebuds will thank you!

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