I’ve been getting serious about being healthier and I was super excited to try Green Blender, a smoothie subscription service. I think 75 percent of the struggle to be healthy is all about convenience for me, and Green Blender makes it super easy to make delicious, easy on-the-go smoothies (many are perfect as a breakfast). 

Raspberry Cranapple

Here’s how it works: They send you a box packed with enough ingredients to make five smoothies. All of the ingredients are pre-measured and labeled so there is no guesswork. You literally drop everything into your blender and turn it on. It’s the ultimate helping hand for someone headed in a million different directions, such as myself.

I’ve been getting up even earlier these days and doing some great workouts from my girl SarahFit so adding these smoothies into my morning has been the perfect pairing as a post-workout meal. On the menu that they give you, it also shares the benefits of each smoothie and the calorie count. 

Green Blender mint smoothie

My biggest love about Green Blender? You try new things. I’m the first one to admit that I stick to a few of my favorite smoothies, but this week I tried new smoothie ingredients like beets, goji berries and poblano peppers. Guys, I ate tofu and liked it! (it made the smoothie pretty creamy) Some of the varieties I had was Pecan Oatmeal Cookie, Orange Beet Protein and Poblano Pepper Pick-Me-Up. This morning, I’m having the Cranberry Kumquat Tart smoothie. Talk about eating different types of fruits and veggies! 

Something super exciting! Green Blender is offering an awesome deal for first time customers coming from Christen in the Kitchen. Click on over to their site and enter the code CKITCHEN at check out and you’ll get 20% off! 

Note: This post is sponsored by Green Blender. I was provided with a trial of Green Blender products for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own! 

Butter Pecan 2