Changing our diet and way of eating has definitely changed our way of shopping. The Arbonne detox (and every healthy eating plan) requires keeping a lot of fruits and veggies on hand for meals and snacks. We’ve been going through a ton of fruit lately so I wanted to show what we buy in a week when it comes to buying produce. 

Hadley and I stopped at Healthy Living Market here in Saratoga yesterday before her gymnastics class. While many people can get intimidated by the prospect of shopping at a place like Healthy Living or Whole Foods (many assume that its out of their price range), but that’s just not the case. Here’s the key to healthy eating on a budget: SHOP THE SALES! When I go to stock up on fruit for the week, I don’t buy exactly what we want. I get what’s on sale. I’m lucky because my family eats pretty much any fruit we have so we have that flexibility. I found some great sales yesterday at Healthy Living Market and here’s what we got. 

Note: This also includes a trip to Target where I got some other things. This is just our produce and other odds and ends for the week. I’ve certainly blogged about bigger trips there and those are linked below! 

Healthy Living Market haul 

  • Healthy Warrior Coconut Chia Bars (not pictured) – these are delicious gluten free, dairy free bars!
  • Saratoga bottled water
  • Chameleon Coffee Cold Brew in Mocha – I got the small one because its still winter and I’m not drinking a ton of iced coffee, but I have a full day of house cleaning today so I could use an extra kick!
  • Saratoga Juice Bar Big Shot juice – so good and I love trying local juices!
  • Bartlett pears – these were $1.99 per pound and looked just ripe (perfect for lunch salads!)
  • Yellow onions – (1.99 per pound)
  • Macintosh apple tote – These are from Champlain Orchard in Vermont and their apples are always really good ($1.69 per pound)
  • Raspberries – $2.99 
  • Blueberries – $2.49 (We eat a lot of berries each week and these are almost completely gone – it’s Sunday morning) 
  • Garlic 
  • Yukon Gold potatoes ($1.99 per pound) 
  • 8 oz. house-made guacamole (Much to Trevor’s dismay, we didn’t get any tortilla chips, but I’m going to cut up some veggies and serve it with that)

FYI – This is post isn’t sponsored. Just sharing what I’m buying 🙂