Hey there! Nice to see you and be back in the blogging game. Things have been busy with us and summer is in full swing.

I’ve been trying for a while to get to a place where I could find a good rhythm to get back to blogging on a consistent basis. I really love sharing recipes and stories from my family here, but spring really got away from me. I was feeling overwhelmed with life, work and Trevor’s travel schedule. I think I finally have a handle on all of it now. It’s not any less busy – in fact in some ways, we’re busier than we ever have been – but, like I said, I think I’m handling it better. I think most working moms can really relate, and its really so important to take time for yourself (especially in these times of feeling pulled in a million directions).

So I want to catch up! 


We had a busy spring and have been spending most of the summer traveling (either for work or for fun). I went to Dallas the end of June for a few nights and had a phenomenal barbecue brisket dinner at Lockhart’s Smoke House. Folks in Texas take their brisket seriously and I literally could still smell that smoke the following day. The peach cobbler was unbelievable too (and I’m definitely making my version of that this weekend!) 

Once I got home from Dallas, we left for a one-week road trip through North Carolina to see family and friends. We spent one night with my oldest sister in Kernersville where I spent the whole time telling my sister that I couldn’t believe her son (my nephew) was 14. He’s so tall and I remember holding him as a baby. That was a tough one. 


After that, we visited my cousin Andy at his brewery, Four Saints Brewing Company, in Asheboro. I was completely blown away by the space and the high-quality beers they had. It is just really top notch and a must-visit if you find yourself between Raleigh and Charlotte. I loved the range and selection that they have on tap (my favorites are the Stout and the Omie Blonde Ale). I was even more impressed about their dedication to supporting other local businesses and really participating in the beer community in North Carolina. Very cool and we’ll definitely be back (especially because I want to try their jalapeno beer)! (And yes, that is my girls sitting at their bar in the photo above) 

After lots of beer tasting (mostly for Trevor), we headed to Charlotte for three nights to hang with our friends, Matt and Claire, and meet their adorable new baby, Eagan. It was a jam packed few days and the kids made fast friends with the kids in the neighborhood (and a super duper water slide!). So much fun! Then we trucked onto Wilmington to see my parents. Seriously, this was a vacation filled with driving, but it was so worth it. We came home late Saturday night and I was thinking about how lucky we are to have such great friends and family in our lives. 





So that brings us up to speed. Trevor is set to head out to Louisiana again for work, and I’m headed to New York City for an overnight soon.

So what does Christen in the Kitchen look like in the future? This is what I’m thinking: I’m going to try my hardest to do two posts per week. On Tuesdays, I’ll post a new recipe – very similar to the style of most of my other recipes on here. On Thursdays, it’ll be something else – maybe featuring some kitchen products I like or sharing more travel photos and good eats from the road. I think this is a realistic schedule I can stick to. Once life settles down (ha!), I’ll expand my posting schedule, but for now, look for new posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays from me! 

In the meantime, follow my Facebook page for quick updates and jump onto Snapchat with me (cgowan24)! I’m trying to share my kitchen successes and failures on there and you get to see more behind-the-scenes posts on there!