Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a big TGIF! This Irish Brown Bread recipe is perfect for any celebration you’ve got going on today. The best thing – there’s no yeast – so no guesswork on if things are going to work out. It’s a very simple bread recipe to serve alongside your favorite corned beef and cabbage recipe or a great bowl of soup to get through this never-ending winter.

The girls and I are coming to the end of our girls-only two week span and we’ll definitely be celebrating Trevor’s return on Saturday. Its been a long couple of weeks for Gowan’s so I’m just happy to have him back in the eastern time zone and back at home with his crazy ladies and Beau 🙂  

So onto the bread recipe! I really liked this recipe from Analida’s Ethnic Spoon (and made zero changes to her recipe!) so click on over there to get it. Bryn loved this served warm with butter (she licks butter off of her bread most of the time, but then she actually ate the bread!) So I’ll take that as a compliment. I’ll be back with healthier options next week. 🙂