Maine vacation recap

IMG_6801Hey everyone! We’re back from a relaxing week at camp in Webb Lake, Maine. It was fun to hang with the kids, eat some good food and just take some time off from everything (literally, there is no internet or cell phone service there). 

We spent the majority of our week on the lake, hanging out and just enjoying the time outdoors. The girls had fun playing with their cousins, Gretchen and Mina, kayaking and swimming. We played a lot of dress up and my girly-girls got decked out most nights for dinner. I even got some great pictures of Trevor fishing by the full moon. 

Some highlights include: taking a boat tour of the lake with the kiddos, seeing Bryn ride in the tandem kayak (and trying to paddle), Hadley swimming to and from the floating dock and some delicious food (one breakfast recipe is coming tomorrow!) 

Check out the photos below! 

IMG_6898 IMG_6911 IMG_6929 IMG_6952 IMG_7008 IMG_7103 IMG_7144 IMG_7150


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