IMG_5187 (1)Hey guys! I’m checking in on a super productive Sunday here at the Gowan household. Remember I said we wanted to paint our house this summer? We are in the home stretch! The whole house color is finished and we are just wrapping up the trim and the new front door color. Trevor and the girls even painted the shed this weekend. Well, Trevor painted the shed and the girls glommed it on the bottom. Sometimes it feels really good to be so productive! The girls and I did a lot of running around yesterday, doing some errands. This included an essential trip to Trader Joe’s and the Colonie Center Sephora store (I have a full-blown addiction to beauty products). 

I think this ambition is definitely carrying over into my meal planning because I’ve already started to prep for the week ahead! I don’t typically do a ton of full-on make ahead meals, but I have two up pretty early this week. So I’m currently making dinner for us tonight and also tomorrow night. I thought it would be better to have the Buffalo chicken sit a bit in the sauce to get some extra spice. Here’s our full week’s meal plan: 

  • Sunday: Grilled venison with potatoes gratin
  • Monday: Buffalo chicken roll-ups (if these are good, I’ll share the recipe)
  • Tuesday: Stuffed shells with pancetta and spinach 
  • Wednesday: Balsamic grilled chicken with Brussel sprouts
  • Thursday: Oatmeal pancakes with breakfast sausage 
  • Friday: Pasta Carbonara (a new recipe that I’ll definitely share if its delicious!) 

A lot of these are new recipes so I’ll be sharing some of these if they are home runs. I’m already really excited for my new recipe tomorrow for you guys. So check back tomorrow for a fun spin on a classic sandwich!