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birthdaypartyHey all. Well that was a crazy weekend. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sit down. It was jam packed with birthday parties, cooking and cleaning. And now I need a nap or a giant cup of coffee. A little recap of the weekend:

We had Hadley’s birthday party Saturday afternoon with some family. It was really fun and we did a little craft project and ate cake. (In the picture above, that’s Hadley with her cousins Caroline and Gretchen) That night, we decompressed with a movie night. We watched “Inside Out” and it really was making me feel all the feelings. It really was good, but kind of emotional after a long day.

IMG_5549On Sunday, I took Beau for a solo trip to the dog park while Trevor and the girls assembled Hadley’s new easel. (It also happened to be Beau’s first birthday so I baked him some homemade dog treats, which I’ll share the recipe for later this week!) It was great because we ran into another vizsla, Ruger, who was literally just like Beau. They were going nuts, trying to get other dogs to chase them and just general vizsla craziness. He was whooped for most of the day, but broke yet another collar while he was in the backyard later. I think that puts us up to 5 collars. Ergh. This dog is expensive. 

On Sunday afternoon, the girls and I went to their friend Stella’s birthday party where they had pony rides and some other animals. They both loved it and it was great fun for them. 



All in all, it was a super fun weekend, but I definitely have a lot of work to do this week. Trevor got all the leaves done in the yard and mowed one last time before the snow falls (ahhhh!), but I have a ton of cleaning and organizing to get to this week. Every time I turn around, someone is growing out of their clothes and Bryn’s 2T pants are getting pretty tight so its time to dig out the next size up! Anyways, have a great day and I’ll be back tomorrow with a really delicious recipe! 


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