Summer To Do List I was reading Cupcakes and Cashmere this morning and came across her summer to-do list. I thought it would be great to put a couple of ideas down and really think about what I’d like to accomplish in the months to come. 

  1. Paint the house and the trim

  2. Potty train Bryn.

  3. Make a spontaneous trip to camp in Maine for the weekend. 

  4. Pick as many blueberries as we can at the local farm and freeze for the winter. 

  5. Take the girls to the race track to place a bet and share a lemonade. 

  6. Make a couple batches of homemade ice cream. 

  7. Reorganize our closet and donate clothes we aren’t going to wear. 

  8. Take the girls to swimming lessons. Have Hadley start swimming without floaties. 

  9. Ride bikes as a family. 

  10. Start a Maine camp cookbook – recipes that are based around Maine or would be great to have when we’re there for the weekend. 

  11. Make fresh jam. 

  12. Ride the carousel as much as we can. 

  13. Take Beau for several walks on Broadway and get him more socialized to downtown Saratoga. 

  14. Make pie from fresh, local cherries.

  15. Take more video of our family this summer and compile it into an end-of-summer piece.