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IMG_5367As I mentioned before, Trevor and I were in New York City recently for the night to check out this year’s Saturday edition of the Grand Tasting of the New York City Wine and Food Festival. I’m a contributor to ShopRite’s Potluck blog and love that they get all their bloggers together this time of year. 

It also happened to be my birthday so it was an extra special weekend. We left the girls at home and took the train down to New York and walked to the hotel from the train station. By the time we got to the tasting and meandered through the lines, the event was hopping and I was ready for lunch! For the next several hours, we wandered around the pier, tasting pretty much everything that was offered and checked out a cooking demo. 

It seemed like there was quite a bit more hard alcohol at the tasting than there was last year. Trevor tried some of the offerings from a few local distilleries, like Catskill Distilling

IMG_5362I tried a ton of dry red wines (my absolute favorites) and took pictures of the labels that I liked. I think that’s the easiest way to keep track of what I really enjoyed. The varieties from Inglenook were my top pick. They’re a winery in Rutherford, Calif. and I’m a sucker for good Napa Valley varieties. We did our honeymoon there way back pre-children and someday I’d love to get back. 

Other highlights included all the offerings from ShopRite. They cooked up no less than a dozen different things to taste and I gawked at a massive bowl of lobster meat. I could think of a million things to make with it! 


Overall, it was a really fun afternoon at the tasting and my birthday finished up with a really delicious margarita and some guacamole at Rosa Mexicano. I was passed out by 9:30 p.m., but that’s being 33, right? A night away from home to eat, rest and relax was a perfect birthday! 


Note: ShopRite provided us with two admission tickets to the Grand Tasting and accommodations in New York City, but all opinions are my own. 

Also, I want to try out a new feature where I share my old post from one year ago. So here’s the first one!

ONE YEAR AGO: Healthy Living Market Haul 


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