On the Road: Britt’s Donuts, Carolina Beach, N.C.

DSCN0522We are wrapping up a glorious week of vacation. First, we visited friends near Lake Norman, just north of Charlotte, N.C., and now we’re at the coast with my parents in Wilmington.

When we travel, I’m a huge fan of trying those must-see places to eat. Where are the must-have tacos, cupcakes or fresh local seafood? I’m game for anything and it really doesn’t have to be fancy.

Today’s find was a fun adventure to Carolina Beach, just a few miles outside Wilmington. We ate breakfast at a fun, local joint (more on that later), but then made the trek to Britt’s Donuts, located on the boardwalk in Carolina Beach. Literally, the place is two garage doors and a counter to quickly order a dozen of their fresh, yeast-risen treats. You know the place is good when the line stretches down the street and the Yelp reviews mention a frequent one-hour wait. This place has a huge following and even has its own fan club

We waited at most 15 or 20 minutes and ordered a dozen for our party of six. The donuts are $1 each or $8 for a dozen. They also have a few drinks and a small counter if you want to eat there. I wouldn’t recommend it because just one block away is possibly the best boardwalk in southern North Carolina. It looks brand new and has everything you need – swings, picnic tables and sheltered eating areas just in case its raining. 

The donuts are incredibly light – like they couldn’t be any lighter and they were melt-in-your-mouth good fresh out of the fryer. They are so light that several hours later, the remaining donuts have deflated under the weight of each other in the bag. It’s a fun experience and definitely a must-try if you’re in the Wilmington area. Not just for the donuts, but the whole fun ambiance of Carolina Beach. Go later in the day and you can check out more shops, ice cream stores and carnival rides. Britt’s is open 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. – perfect for all those late-night donut cravings. 

Read on for more photos!

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