This is my last pumpkin recipe of the fall season, I swear! This Pumpkin Bread is easily the best kind I’ve ever made. Sometimes it can end up super dry, but this bread from Smitten Kitchen is very moist and with a hint of sweetness from the topping. 

This recipe makes a lot of batter so I ended up with a loaf of pumpkin bread and one jumbo muffin. If you have a smaller loaf pan, prepare to have extras for a few muffins. 

Click here to get the recipe! 

A note moving forward: In the past, I’ve never posted recipes that were ever copied from other bloggers. Everything is altered and adapted after trying it out several times. Along with original photos, I’ve always felt like the recipes were made mine. Since this is directly from another blog, I’m not posting the full recipe here, but you can click on over to her site to get it! In the past, I’ve never shared recipes unless they were adapted, but sometimes the original is great as-is so I’ll just link to the blogger’s site!