quitsugarJust wanted to note this before I go into quitting sugar (wha??!?!?!) that I wasn’t paid for this post and the demos at Healthy Living Market are all free so sign up and check one out! 

I recently checked out a great demo at Healthy Living Market that focused on Sarah Wilson’s book “I Quit Sugar.” I had been debating for a while to drastically cut back on the sweets since I appear to be highly addicted to them. At the Saratoga Springs store, the demo classes are taught by Christina Davis, who founded the From Scratch Club blog. Her sessions are really interactive and fun. It was a jam-packed hour that included talking about alternative sweeteners recommended by Wilson (including brown rice syrup and stevia), a store tour (holy awesome bulk section!) and tasting a few recipes from the book. IMG_4630

The class was a really great motivator for me, and Christina focused on several themes in the book – like why cut back on sugar, how much should a person actually eat and several strategies to help you do so (like making breakfast more savory and eliminating sugary beverages). I bought the book that night and I’ve read through most of it. The only thing I’m not crazy about with “I Quit Sugar” is that the plan isn’t super structured in the book – like “Do this during Week 1” – instead its more a list of guidelines for the eight-week detox. 

At the very end of the class, you get a great packet from Healthy Living that included a $5 off coupon, some extra resources for classes and also some flyers for current sales. 

All in all, it was really educational, and I’m definitely going to go back and check out more of Christina’s classes. They’re so informational and they’re free! Here’s a link to the upcoming June classes

I’m going to start incorporating some of these lower sugar recipes into my diet so I’ll definitely be sharing these with you guys as I explore cutting out so much sugar. Wish me luck!