As soon as the weather gets cool and crisp, I immediately just want to make soup. It drives Trevor nuts because I would love a good homemade soup any night of the week, but we start to get in ruts of Turkey Chili and other old standbys. This Roasted Tomato Soup was the perfect bridge from summer to fall. We had a summers-end bumper crop of the last of our tomatoes that literally filled a huge mixing bowl. 

I’ve wanted to try this recipe for quite some time, and it really didn’t disappoint. Just a fair warning: this isn’t like any tomato soup from the can. It’s got a ton of bright flavor which makes it nothing like those boring canned versions. Roasting the tomatoes first helps concentrate their flavor, which really helped in my case. The tomatoes from my garden aren’t spectacular. They’re good – and we’ve certainly had our fill of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes this week – but roasting them for just an hour helped to really pick up a tomato’s natural sweetness. 

If you don’t like spice, I’d advise cutting back (or cutting out all together) the crushed red pepper flakes. I liked the heat, but I could see where it can be off-putting in a soup that already has a ton of flavor. To even enhance the soup even more, I made this on Sunday and we had it for dinner on Monday (with a pile of grilled cheese sandwiches!). Sitting in the fridge overnight just made it even better!

Check out the recipe here – originally from Ina Garten!