BeaunappingHey there! That was kind of a long hiatus, right? It’s been a busy couple of months and things don’t appear to ever be slowing down. Hadley is graduating preschool soon. I’m in the spring term at work (which is always a sprint). Trevor is back to traveling regularly for work. Bryn is still Bryn (climbing on everything and never stops moving), and Beau is in a cone. Life is never boring with the Gowan’s. 

I’ve been having an internal struggle the last month or so on what to do with the blog. First let me say, I love to cook and I really love writing this blog. But with that said, my main goal has always been to remain completely authentic with my readers. I see many people in the blogging world succumbing to the pressures of brands and getting sponsors and just all-around selling out. I’ve felt the pressure at certain times and started to get wrapped up in it. I think this break was a really great reminder of what I really want for Christen in the Kitchen. So here goes:

  • Any sponsored posts will be from brands that either we already use regularly or that I really truly want to share with you guys. I honestly love shopping at both ShopRite and Healthy Living Market, and they’re two stores that I wholeheartedly throw my support behind. I think Name Bubbles is an invention that every mom sending their kid to daycare can’t live without. So those partnerships will stay in place, but moving forward, I’m going to be critical of what is sent my way. 
  • Also, I’m only going to blog when I really have something to say. I know this breaks the cardinal rule of blogging. You’re supposed to post something everyday, but I kind of think that’s crap. Don’t give me useless posts of things I already know. Share what you’d want to share with your family and friends. I try not to mindlessly talk at people all day long (ha) so I’m not going to do that here. I’m going to share recipes that I love, posts with tips I think you can use and things that I think are interesting. So I may break the blogging rules, but know that I believe in what I’m sharing.
  • I won’t beat myself up if we don’t talk for a while. I think every mom feels the internal struggle of finding quality time with their kids. I’m not talking about the hour and a half I get to see my girls before bedtime each night, but fun, quality playtime to really just be with them. So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, just know we’re having some really rocking dress-up parties and probably going out for ice cream a lot. 

So, a little heavy for this Thursday, but I felt like I needed to share. Hope you have a great day today and I’ll be back with something fun tomorrow. For now, it’s a day working at home (with the cone dog) then later going to bake my love a birthday pepperoni pizza and a strawberry rhubarb pie.