Spotlight: Druthers at McGregor Links Golf Course, Wilton, N.Y.

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IMG_5128I had really wanted to get to the newest Druthers location at McGregor Links Golf Course in Wilton this summer since it is so close to our house. I love their downtown Saratoga Springs location, but it gets really busy being right on Broadway. I love that they update their menu quite regularly so I’m always trying something new when we eat there. A huge bonus – they are also kid friendly. This is the second new location they opened this year; Druthers has a new spot in Albany as well.  


I was really curious to see what the McGregor Links location was like. First, I double checked that it was even open to the public. The golf course, pool and tennis courts are members only so I was surprised that the restaurant was open to anyone. We went on the night before Hadley’s first day of school, and it was just a really fun night out (and a break from doing the dishes!). The weather was quite hot so we sat outside on their patio (which overlooks the 18th green) and watched the golfers. The menu is really similar (if not the same) as the downtown location, and they had the same beers as well. I got a blonde, which was really good for the hot summer day, but I prefer the Druthers winter beers better. I like darker stouts and porters so the holiday brews are more appealing to me.

It really was just a fabulous place to sit outside, enjoy a drink and eat a nice dinner. The place was pretty empty for a Tuesday night so our two kids weren’t disturbing anyone. I definitely played up the “You have to be quiet when people are putting” thing and that got them to settle a little bit too. 


So here were the highlights:

Pretzels and Beer Cheese Dip – this appetizer was amazing, and if I’d known it would be this big, I would’ve just ordered a small salad for dinner. We ate about half of these and had the rest wrapped up for leftovers. So delicious. I want some right now.

Great seating selection – They have the awesome patio, and then a deck off the bar inside. There’s also a nice fireplace during the colder months and a ton of tables inside. Just a lot of different options and places to sit. 

Other things to know:

Their portions are crazy huge. So if you have two kids, probably only order one dinner and split it. I also didn’t come close to finishing my Grilled Peach and Baby Arugula Salad so I took that home as well. Just a whole lot of food so either come really hungry, be prepared to take things home or order smarter than we did. 

Read on to see more pictures from Druthers! 







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    November 5, 2015

    I live close by as well & loved being able to pop over there at least one night a week, sadly they closed ;-(

    • christenrgowan
      November 5, 2015

      I know! Total bummer. It was fun while it lasted, right?

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