Spotlight: Shake Shack, Saratoga Race Course, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

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IMG_5030One of my absolute favorite places to eat in Saratoga Springs is the Shake Shack. I don’t know if it’s actually the food or just the fact that its only open six weeks out of the year, but its a must-stop kind of place for us. The Shake Shack started in New York City, but has since expanded around the country – including right in our backyard at Saratoga Race Course.

With American Pharoah in the Travers Stakes on Saturday, it seems like all eyes are on Saratoga! So I wanted to give you guys a little inside look at one of my favorite places to eat at the track. 

Read on for more! 

As I mentioned in my weekend round-up, we were at the track on Sunday for the HWS Day at the Races. The event didn’t include lunch so that left us free to hit up the Shake Shack for our annual trip. 

We ordered three hot dogs (Hadley wanted a homemade PB&J – life with a picky eater!), some French fries and, of course, a black and white milkshake. I don’t think there’s anything better than a hot dog on a sunny day at the track. Seriously. It was delicious. My favorite thing about Shake Shack though is the milkshakes (of course). They’re made with frozen custard so its super thick and pretty rich. 

I feel bad because I was literally so excited to eat that I didn’t get proper photos of anything. Sorry! So you’ll just have to go there yourself, put $2 to win on American Pharoah (he’s got 1-5 odds so they’ll basically just give you your $2 back) and enjoy some delicious Shake Shack! 




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