Summer Cooking Bucket List – 2015 edition

Meal Plan | July 22, 2015 | By

Summer Cooking Bucket List copyHey everyone! Remember last year when I made a list of what I was cooking last summer? Well, it’s back this year. We’re getting ready to go on a bit of a longer trip so I’m collecting some recipes/things I’d like to cook, and my Recipes to Try Pinterest board is the first place I look. 

Here are a few things I’m going to be cooking in the next month or so. If they’re a hit, then I’ll share here later on. Enjoy!

  • Crack Pie: Guys, this recipe is really labor intensive (make homemade cookies to crush up into a crust of a homemade pie), but it looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to get to Momofuku Milk Bar – where this recipe originated – (and we were planning on going last fall), but never made it.  This is a must bake for me this summer. 
  • Rainbow Mason Jar Salads – I really need to up my packed lunch game, and this salad seems like its the perfect healthy, work day option for me! 
  • Baked Oatmeal – I always need more breakfast recipes, and this seems like it’s a great start! I would definitely add some fruit and other toppings as well. 
  • Homemade ice cream – This is the one that I think I’ll tackle when we’re away on vacation and cooking from another kitchen. Stay tuned and hopefully I have a few new homemade ice cream recipes to share! 
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