Cranberry Nut Bread

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Cranberry-Nut-BreadGood morning, everyone! I went MIA for a few days there. Things got a little crazy at the end of last week, and then Trevor was away hunting for the opening weekend of deer season here in New York so I was flying solo. We had a really fun weekend, but I seriously crashed when Trevor got home Sunday evening. 

I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving and getting to see some of the Gowan side of our family. So there’s going to be quite a few people at the Thanksgiving table this year, and I’m even more excited because there are going to be a ton of kids! Hadley is ready to combust with excitement for how many cousins she’s going to play with! 

Today’s recipe is a big family recipe from my side of the family. My mom used to make this Cranberry Nut Bread every year the day before Thanksgiving (that’s when she did all her baking – like the pies, rolls, etc. – were all done ahead of time). We’d eat it every Thanksgiving morning as my mom was cooking in the kitchen. My sisters and I used to just hang out all morning, help out in the kitchen and watch the Macy’s parade. I really do love the traditions about every holiday, and part of Thanksgiving in the Deming household was this bread!

Outside of Thanksgiving, you can definitely make it leading into Christmas as well since its the classic combination of cranberries and orange. I especially like the whole wheat flour in this. It just adds a better texture to it. This recipe does make two loaves. If you don’t want of that, you can cut it in half or freeze the second loaf for another time. 

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Breakfast Stuffed Red Peppers

hadley5Today is a really special day because it’s my girl Hadley’s fifth birthday! She’s turning into such a head-strong little girl (just like her mama!) so the apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree with that one. 

I feel like for her birthday I should have a recipe for some super chocolatey dessert or cookies, but it’s actually a healthy one today. And one that Hadley would never eat. (ha!) In fact, when I was eating this, she told me that it looked gross. She actually loves red peppers, but only raw, and I’ve never seen her eat an egg in her life. Someday this girl will add some things to her list of loves, but for now, she keeps a short list of food that she’ll actually eat. 

Today’s recipe is something that I cooked up for lunch on Saturday in preparation for the oodles of Buffalo Chicken Dip and candy that I knew I’d eat on Halloween night. It was really delicious and super filling. I was going to have some toast on the side, but just had one stuffed pepper with some leftover coffee from breakfast and it was a perfect Saturday lunch for me. I eat lunch at my desk on weekdays so it seems like a luxury to make a hot lunch like eggs so I usually try to do something a little special on the weekends. 

So here’s a healthy one for all of us who overdid it (and continue to over do it) on the Halloween candy. And (because I’m just that mother) some of my favorite photos of my first baby girl.

hadley   hadleyjumpblog  hadley6  hadley4  hadley3  hadley2 

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Philly Cheesesteaks

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IMG_5188 (1)Let me first say: this is not an authentic Philly cheesesteak. It’s more of like a play on one. Even better because it’s an easy weeknight meal that’s ready in under 20 minutes! 

Like I mentioned before, we’ve been in the midst of a massive home DIY project with painting our house so recipe testing was really minimal this weekend. These cheesesteaks were Saturday night dinner (because they are super fast), and it really hit the spot after a long day of chasing kids around. 

Some notes on this recipe: Make sure you use deli roast beef. I got some London broil from the deli at ShopRite and it was perfect for this recipe. I also had them slice it a little bit thicker so it help up better to cooking it in the skillet for a couple minutes. Also, make sure you toast the rolls. It’s definitely worth it! 

Finally, you will have leftover cheese sauce, but don’t throw it out! Throw some in a bunch of scrambled eggs the next morning! 

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Baked Oatmeal

Breakfast | August 5, 2015 | By

bakedoatmealFINALJust two posts ago, I talked about my summer cooking list and this very recipe was on it. I’ve literally made this baked oatmeal three times in the past week. It’s delicious, but most importantly, its super simple!

During the work week, I don’t have a ton of time to make a hot breakfast, but I just threw everything together and let it bake while I got ready for work, did some blog stuff online and got the girls dressed to go to grandma’s house for the day. I especially love to top the baked oatmeal with some nuts, blueberries and a little bit of almond milk, but you can use any of your favorite oatmeal toppings. You can even throw the nuts in before baking, but I didn’t this time because we only had almonds on hand and Trevor isn’t really a fan of them. This recipe would also be excellent at a brunch, but make sure you double it. This makes about 3 1/2 big portions, but you’ll definitely want more for a hungry crowd. (If you want another great oatmeal brunch recipe, check out my Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats and Quinoa.)

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Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

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CoffeeGraphicNote: This recipe was originally featured on My Daily Bubble. You can see the rest of the posts I’ve written for them here

I love a great iced coffee, and have seen many cold brew recipes floating around on Pinterest. I love the convenience of having this right in my fridge and pouring myself a glass in that afternoon lull after the girls are up from their rest time and I need to power through the rest of our day. 

IMG_6713Notes on this recipe: It keeps for at least a month in your fridge so make a big batch. It’ll go fast anyways if you like iced coffee like me. Also, make sure you mix in at least a little bit of milk with this. It’s stronger than a strong cup of coffee that comes out of your coffeemaker. This boost in strength accommodates for adding ice which will dilute it a bit. On this day at my parent’s house, I added some almond milk (I don’t do sweeteners in my coffee). But add whatever you like! On this day, I used Trader Joe’s French Roast, but use whatever bold, strong coffee you have. This really isn’t the time to use a super fancy, expensive kind. Use up that older stuff you’ve got lying around because you’re going to add milk, ice and possibly a sweetener. 

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Golden Oreo Cake Batter Bars

GoldenOreoBarsGraphicI’m going to admit something that might make me sound like a bad mommy for a moment. I really don’t like to bake or cook with the kids. It stresses me out and I use my time in the kitchen to help me relax. There’s a lot of hot things and sharp objects in the kitchen, and Bryn doesn’t conform to normal rules like not touching a hot stove or playing with knives. It’s just 100% stress with that one. 

So why do I bring up this fact about the girls? Well, this is the perfect recipe to make with your kids in the kitchen. It has only a few ingredients, uses a boxed cake mix and has sprinkles (which I’m pretty sure every kid loves). Also, while I was chopping the Oreos (which is the only dangerous part about this recipe), I just let the kids “help” by sampling a cookie. So that pretty much makes me the best mom ever, right? 

We made these for the sapping party and they were a huge hit. So huge, in fact, that I only got one and I was kind if bummed about that. 

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Beer Cheese Dip

Snacks | February 11, 2015 | By

Beer Cheese DipI could make a whole blog about cheese. Is that sad? Maybe, but totally true.

I love a really sharp cheddar cheese, and this Beer Cheese Dip is just everything. I actually made a small batch of soft pretzel bites (I used this recipe, but adapted for bites instead of full-size pretzels) to dip, but this would be just as delicious with some corn tortilla chips too. 

This dip (originally found here) made a great pre-Super Bowl snack (and by pre- I mean like six hours before). That’s how we roll with really small kids. We snack in the mid-afternoon for an after dinner game. 

One note on this recipe: Use a fondue pot (if you have one) to keep the dip warm. Once it gets to room temperature, it becomes pretty hard. I just kept it on the stove until I was ready to serve with the pretzels.