Hey there! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I thought I’d share a couple quick thoughts going into the big day. 

brown sugar in a bowl

  1. If you’ve run out of brown sugar and can’t get to the store, here’s an easy fix. I recently tried this and it worked great! I’ve since bought two bags of brown sugar because what’s a food blogger without a stock pile of sugar? 
  2. Forget about defrosting a turkey at this point. According to Better Homes and Gardens, it takes 3 to 4 days to properly defrost a regular sized bird. If you’re stuck on something to make, try a boneless turkey roast from Whole Foods. (They also happen to be open on Thanksgiving)
  3. Need a last minute suggestion to bring to someone’s house? Here are a few recipes from the archives to consider:

I’ll be bringing my Sweet Potato and Kale Gratin to Trevor’s aunt and uncle’s house tomorrow. Share in the comments below what you’re looking forward to the most on the Thanksgiving table!

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