Wow! That was a fast weekend. It was kind of a crazy Saturday. The girls and I spent the morning buying outdoor toys, hitting up the Saratoga Springs Public Library play room and then hung out outside with Trevor while he finished up his last batch of syrup. I also attacked the largest pile of laundry in my life. It’s laundry days like those that make me never want to buy another piece of clothing (ha!). Saturday night we watched the college hockey national championships, and I wore my Union College national champions hat to celebrate the final day as reigning champs.

On Sunday, I went with my friend Margaret to a bootcamp workout in Clifton Park hosted by RAW Fitness. It was a really challenging one-hour workout, but actually ended up being pretty fun. It was actually at Shmaltz Brewery, and the workout came with a pint glass and a beer afterwards. Not a bad top off to a hard workout! 


IMG_4452 IMG_4471 IMG_4470 IMG_4449 IMG_4448 bootcamp