The Weekend in Pictures: Sapping Edition

Weekend Recaps | March 30, 2015 | By

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Hey guys! This post is late. It’s only my second time doing the Weekend in Pictures and I’m already running late. Oy. Well, you’ll see in the photos we had a really busy weekend. I kind of stunk at taking lots of different pictures, but the weekend was all about hanging out with friends and family! On Saturday, we celebrated my niece’s second birthday. Then Sunday, we had a lot of people over for a sap boiling party. People brought snacks and we hung out in the backyard and the kids played. Its really sad when 40 degrees and sunny is great weather, but it really was a beautiful day. The sun was out and holy moly, the mud was out! Our backyard was (and still is) seriously a mud pit. I think everyone had a great sense of humor about it and I’ve already washed anything that got super muddy so things are good. 

All in all, we got about two gallons of maple syrup at the end of the day. Sometime I really want Trevor to do a guest post for the blog and talk all about his process and how he does the sapping and makes the syrup. It’s a really long process, but we’ll hopefully have maple syrup for the whole year and plenty to give away as gifts! 



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