fettuccine-alfredo_300I’m going to start sharing some of my weekly meal plans with you. I’m such a lister that I make a plan every week. While I love grocery shopping, I don’t get a ton of time to do it. I only go about once a week, but it’s usually a two-store trip. I always need something baby/kid related (hello, Target) so that’s my inevitable stop. My other store trip I rotate between a bunch of places (ShopRite, Trader Joe’s, Healthy Living Market and Price Chopper). 

This week it was Trader Joe’s. I got a ton of new products that I want to show everyone so that’ll definitely be in an upcoming post (maybe a video??). You can see my first haul from Trader Joe’s here. 

So every week I have a list of what’s for dinner, and we pretty much stick to it every week. I shop for all ingredients on Thursday or Friday (that’s why my meal plan week usually starts on Friday).

So this is what we’re having this week: