Good morning and happy Monday everyone! It’s a happy Monday because I’m home today with my mom and my girls. Beach Grandma (that’s what Hadley and Bryn call my mom) is here to visit for the week, and we’re spending this snowy morning at home. We’ll probably do some baking and some cleaning (seriously, those are the two top things my family loves to do) and just hang out and play with toys. Bryn’s birthday was late last week and she seriously made out with some awesome stuff and that’s been keeping the kiddos busy. 

I just wanted to share a few photos from the weekend. I realized that I didn’t take too many pictures from the weekend, but the picture of Bryn blowing out her candles just gets me. My baby is 3. She literally cracks me up all the time. She is such a light to our family and makes me smile so much. I regular tell people that I want to be more like her too. She is fun-loving, carefree and lives her life like she’s in an eternal cocktail party. She is such a stark contrast to her serious, type-A sister and I’m constantly amazed at how different sisters can be (shouldn’t I have learned that from having three sisters of my own?)

Bryn blowing out candles

Anyways, this weekend was all about celebrating Bryn’s birthday. Saturday afternoon we spent at the rink for our second round of ice skating lessons then we had family over for Bryn’s birthday dinner. We ate guacamole, macaroni and cheese and birthday cake (all of Bryn’s favorite things). I also made this Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring and it went over really well. 

On Sunday, we had a late-ish breakfast at the Iron Roost and then hit up Sam’s Club for some serious bargain shopping stocking up our basement freezer with some meat. I also stocked us up on juice boxes, coffee and a few other things. My mom is here for the week so I’m off for a few days and we’ll be getting to do some fun stuff this week! 


Other random family milestone of the day: Today is the one year anniversary of us getting Beau! Life is never boring with our vizsla baby that’s for sure! Have a great start to your week and I’ll be back with a delicious (and healthy!) recipe tomorrow!