Holy craziness, that was a busy weekend! We haven’t had a weekend like that in a while and it was jam-packed with some super fun things. So let’s do a little recap. 

So Trevor was gone all weekend at the Adirondack Ice Bowl. His team finished second and they played like five hockey games on Saturday (including the championship game that night). They did great, but it was just us girls for the majority of the weekend.

Saturday morning, the girls went with their babysitter and some friends to a tubing park. They had an awesome time and it gave me a chance to meet up with friends for a fun Saratoga event. We went to a chili competition at Saratoga Clay Arts Center. Basically, you paid your admission, picked out a bowl and tried a bunch of different chili samples. Whatever chili you liked the best, then you got a full bowl of that.




The five local places were 9 Miles East, Brook Tavern, Boca Bistro, Just Meats and Four Seasons. Overall, it was really fun to try a bunch of different kinds of chili, but the Brook Tavern really brought it home for me. They had some amazing chili toppers (crunchy barbecue strips and avocado cream!). It was a super delicious morning and I was stuffed when we left. BUT, not too stuffed because my friend Daniella and I stopped at Plum Dandy Cookies and Milk for a giant cookie snack. This is one of the things I love most about Saratoga – there are just so many great places to eat even a cookie. 

I headed back home and waited for the kids to get back. We laid around most of the afternoon (me in a chili haze), and played hair salon for a bit. Check out Hadley’s curls! 


Then, we met up with family at the Skidmore hockey game. They were playing Norwich and I didn’t see too much hockey. Just about 20 minutes of telling Bryn to sit still. So it was Trevor’s cousin Parker, his wife Lisa and their two sons, Liam and Cameron. We went back to their hotel and took the kids to the pool. 




We basically invaded their room at the hotel, swam in their pool and then ordered some food to their room. So we’re basically the coolest parents ever with swimming, pajamas and then a little picnic at the Hampton Inn. It was a super fun night and so great to see some family. 


On Sunday, we were on the move again. This time, we hit up Price Chopper super early in the morning and took some bagel’s over to my sister-in-law’s house for a playdate with them and some other friends. They have built a skating rink in their backyard so Hadley skated for a bit with her cousin Gretchen while the other girls played inside. 


Then it was finally home for the rest of the day. We laid on the couch. Trevor was exhausted from a ton of hockey and late-night shenanigans.


And now, I need a weekend after that weekend! But no rest for the weary. It’s a full week of work, and I have a ton of projects in the air. I was thinking this weekend about how much exciting stuff is in the works – especially with travel. I’m going to Philly on Saturday for a few days for work. Then its off to Chicago in March, Nantucket in April, a trip to North Carolina once school gets out (I hope!) then Denver in August. Anywho, tomorrow I’ll be back with more, but in the meantime, share what you did this weekend! Eat anything good? Do anything fun?